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Masters Project, Bournemouth University

A Fully CG 3D Project 

A fully CG computer modelling project made in Maya, Marvelous Designer, Mari and Vray. This is a computer generated project with no real footage.

For Bournemouth Universities, NCCA, 3D Animation Masters course by Sinead Oram. 


A young couple bound together by the red stings of fate are torn apart by depression and face a tragedy that may break their bond permanently. A doll house set inside a woman’s chest displays a story of loss and grief underpinned by themes of mental health issues within a relationship.


Areas of Interest: Character Modelling, Environment Modelling, Lighting, Texturing


Character Modelling

During this project, I was the sole modeller, designer, texture artist, Lighting artist and compositor. I also did the cloth sim for the characters in T pose, with marvelous designer. Additional cloth sim was provided by Pablo Parry.


This was a masters project in which I wanted to showcase my modelling skills in an artistic and varied way. Which is why I chose to model a detailed environment and 2 characters to show my expertise in both. The characters are based on ceramic ball jointed dolls, and are of my own design and production see below for full detail:

Environment Modelling

The environment modelling provided a new and exciting challenge for me creating an external and internal scene that were linked but still very separate spaces was a unique experience. The inside space was meant to initially introduce the characters reflecting their struggle as individuals then open out into a repeating room that slowly dilapidated and crumbled reflecting the relationship's struggles. 


I created the models, set up the lighting, built the shaders, textured the models, created the scenes alone as a personal project.

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