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a 3D Mobile app for ios

At the time I joined Glowmade we were making an app that centered around crafting and building amazing scenes to share with your friends and followers! My role essentially was to create assets that users could take and build into fantastic creations, these assets were a mix of interactive elements that users could add photos to, like televisions and post cards, to fun trinkets like planes and beach huts to enrich scenes with whimsy.

All props were modelled low-poly for use on ios. 


Below is a series of images showcasing some of the assets I made for the app!


Below you can see a mix of scenes I made in the app for the social media feed. 


Not only could you create scenes from pre-made assets but you can create your own in game objects by using a tool developed by the Glowmade team called the magic canvas, the magic canvas tool allows you to draw a shape, extrude it, and add it to your scenes. It also allows you to draw shapes onto 3d objects that you already made.

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