Mountain Dam Level, Rebel Racing,

A 3D Environment for Hutch Games 

This is the mountain dam level from Rebel Racing a Mobile racing game from Hutch. 

I was asked to give the Mountain dam level a bit of a redesign, from a tranquil looking alpine logging village to a more Americana mountain town. I modelled and textured all of the buildings created for this scene, and had a big hand in modelling and reworking the scene as a whole. Additionally to that I also placed all the track furniture in the video, modelled a few level specific track props, did the lighting for this scene with help from Hutch's tech artist Jim, and did a lot of the collision meshes for this level. 

All shots taken from Unity, all scenery modelled in Maya and textured in Photoshop. 

In game car assets by Ross:

Palm trees, big rig trucks, and some ground textures kindly stolen from Bens' levels:

Wire Frame Images

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