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3D Art Test

I was asked to create an art test for a new app development start up called Glowmade. The task was to produce a vintage toy caravan, within a short time frame with less than 5k polygons. This project took around 16 hours from begining to end.


I began by drawing out some nice shapes and silhouettes, then developed that futher to come up with a final design. Then modelled the final design in maya as you can see below.


The Caravan was modelled in Maya, the design of the paint was inspired by tin toys from the 50's. The designs for the paint were created in Adobe Illustrator, then brought into Photoshop to produce an alpha map that would match the natural areas of wear and tear on the object. 

Vray 3 was the Render engine of choice for this project, I used a multilayerd shader to create the layers of paint metal and rust on the Caravan. Then played around with the depth of field settings in the maya camera settings to get that tiny object feel!  

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